Soaking in a hot tub is a great way to relax and enjoy your private oasis. Even you are a hot tub owner for years, there are still things you could go wrong with.

To avoid wasting money on hot tub repairs, here are a few things you should take into consideration.

Run the hot tub without the filter

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For sure, without a filter, you cannot operate your hot tub for too long. A hot tub running with no filter will end up with clogged pump impellers, plus a decline in hot tub water quality.

Your hot tub filter also needs regular maintenance for longer usage. To clean it, you can use commercial products like hot tub filter cleaners or homemade products like vinegar. Be aware that detergent and dishwasher are not suitable.

That said, you should have an extra filter to have an in-time replacement with the old one when it is out of use.

Use pool chemicals to test the hot tub water

Testing your hot tub regularly is highly recommended. If you can, do the water test weekly. This will help to prevent chemicals from overdosing and avoid bacteria buildup, keeping the hot tub safe to use.

If you think pool chemicals are just fine for hot tubs, you are wrong. Hot tub chemicals are different to pool chemicals and are made to work efficiently with hot water surfaces.

Always follow the instructions for accurate dosage, do not overdose.

Turn off the hot tub after every usage

If you think this way will help you save energy, sadly you are wrong. Turning off your hot tub after every usage is just an “effective way” to double your electric bills.

To avoid costly electric bills, it is advised to maintain your hot tub at a consistent temperature and keep it on most of the time.  It is because it needs more energy to reheat a hot tub than to maintain a consistent temperature.

Overfill your hot tub

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Overfilling a hot tub might cause some damage to its components, but not all hot tub models will experience this. That said, it is better to be safe than sorry. Whenever filling your hot tub, pay close attention to it. You can also use a timer to prevent the risk of overfilling from happening.

In contrast, underfilling is actually a risk to any hot tub. If a hot tub is under-filled, the pump will be overwork and the air will be sucked into it.

Final words

Above are 4 common mistakes that new hot tub owners often have. As long as you have enough understanding about using, caring, and maintaining your hot tub, it will last for years.

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