Baby Boy’s Fisher-Price Doggy Swings

Baby Boy’s Fisher-Price Doggy Swings

Have you ever wondered how the future world would look like? I mean everyone has had that question at least once in their life. It’s just a pure nature of human curiosity. 

I grew up listening to a story of a godly dog, the protector of children, passing down from my grandma to my ma. Now it’s my turn to pass it on to my child. I want to see his expression when he hears about spiritual things. I really hope that we have the same appetite.

I have begun to tell him the story ever as soon as he is strong enough to sit and play alone in his baby swing. The story begins with a doggo spirit that always protects him every time he is a good boy and doesn’t throw food on the floor. Well, it’s just a special design of his baby swing, featured a really cute German Sheperd on the tray, but it’s pretty convincing. The little boy believed in the story so badly.

One time, when he was 3, daddy accidentally stepped back into the swing and caused the whole thing to tumble down like a domino fall. My heart stopped while trying to reach my boy. Yet, he didn’t cry, he didn’t hurt, he even told me that the doggo helped him to hang on the tall side handle while falling. I don’t know if I should thank the imagination dog or Fisher  for their safety design (Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing). 

Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing 2

When he hit 5, we asked him if he wanted a new swing because he’s been on the same swing for 5 years. Nothing was wrong with it, we just wanted to know if our boy had grown tired of it yet. Surprisingly, he refused.

The smart boy knew that soon he would grow too big to fix in the seat. However, he loved the doggo so much, he wanna pass its protection on to someone else. We had a good laugh. 

Well, now I want to see how long can this doggo thing last. I can’t remember the moment I found out that this animal was not real. The truth just came in gently at a certain time of age. Still, I’m happy that my boy is going through all the good things in his world side by side with the dog.

Let him enjoy it a little longer, then we’ll get him a real fluffy friend. Those two would bring me so much trouble. I foresee it with a smile. 


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