How to check the most detailed capacitor with a multimeter

In most electrical and electronics troubleshooting and repairing works, we face common trouble that how to test and check a capacitor. Is it good, bad (dead), short or open?

Here, we can check a capacitor with analog (AVO meter i.e. Ampere, Voltage, Ohm meter) as well as digital multimeter either it is in good condition or should we replace it with a new one…

Note: To find the value of Capacitance, you need a digital meter with Capacitance measuring features.

1. Traditional Method to Test & Check a Capacitor

Note: Not Recommended for everyone but professionals only. Please be careful to do this practice as it is dangerous. Make sure that you are a professional electrical engineer/electrician (you really know what are you doing or check the warnings before applying this method) and there are no other options to check the capacitor because serious damages may occur during this practice). If you are sure, go ahead, otherwise, go to methods 2 – 6 as alternative methods to a capacitor.

Suppose you want to check the Capacitor (for example, fan capacitors, room air cooler capacitors or tinny capacitors in a circuit board / PCB, etc.)

Warning & recommendations for testing a capacitor

For better safety, use 24V DC instead of 230V AC. In case of the absence of the desired DC 24V system, you may use 220-224V AC, but you have to make a serial of resistors (say 1kΩ~10kΩ, 5~50Watts) to connect between a capacitor and 230V AC supply. So that, it will reduce the charging and discharging current. Here is the step-by-step tutorial that how may you check a capacitor by this method.

  1. Disconnect the suspected capacitor from the power supply or make sure at least one lead of the capacitor is disconnected.
  2. Make sure that the capacitor is fully discharged.
  3. Connect two separate leads to the capacitor terminals. (Optional)
  4. Now safely connect these leads to 230 V AC Supply for a very short period (about 1-4 Sec) [or for a short time where the Voltage rise to 63.2% of the Source Voltage] .
  5. Remove safety leads from the 230 V AC Supply.
  6. Now short the capacitor terminals (Please be careful to do that and make sure that you have to wear safety goggles)
  7. If it makes a strong spark, then the capacitor is good.
  8. If it makes a weak spark, then it is a bad capacitor change it immediately with a new one.

2. Test a Capacitor By Analog Multimeter

To check a capacitor by AVO (Ampere, voltage, Ohm Meter ), follow the following steps.

  1. Make sure the suspected capacitor is fully discharged.
  2. Take an AVO meter.
  3. Select analog meter on OHM (Always, select the higher range of Ohms).
  4. Connect the Meter leads to the Capacitor terminals.
  5. Note The reading and Compare it with the following results.
  6. Short Capacitors: Shorted Capacitors will show very low Resistance.
  7. Open Capacitors: An Open Capacitor will not show any movement (Deflection) on OHM meter Screen.
  8. Good Capacitors: Initially, it will show low resistance, and then gradually increases toward the infinite. It means that Capacitor is in Good Condition.

3. Check a Capacitor By a Digital Multimeter

To test a capacitor by DMM (Digital Multimeter), follow the steps given below.

  1. Make sure the capacitor is discharged.
  2. Set the meter on the Ohm range (Set it to at least 1000Ohm = 1k).
  3. Connect the meter leads to the capacitor terminals.
  4. The Digital meter will show some numbers for a second. Note the reading.
  5. And then immediately it will return to the OL (Open Line). Every attempt of Step 2 will show the same result as in step 4 and Step 5. It means that Capacitor is in Good Condition.
  6. If there is no Change, then Capacitor is dead.

4. Checking Capacitor By Multimeter in the capacitance Mode

Note: You can do this test with a multimeter if you have a Capacitance meter or if you have a multimeter with a feature to test the capacitance. Also, this method is good to test the tiny capacitors as well. For this test, rotate the multimeter knob to the capacitance mode.

  1. Make sure the capacitor is fully discharged.
  2. Remove the capacitors from the board or circuit.
  3. Now Select “Capacitance” on your multimeter.
  4. Now connect the capacitor terminal to the multimeter leads.
  5. If the reading is near to the actual value of the capacitor (i.e. the printed value on the Capacitor container box).
  6. Then the capacitor is in good condition. (Note that the reading may be less than the actual value of the capacitor (the printed value on the Capacitor container box).
  7. If you read a significantly lower capacitance or none at all, then the capacitor is dead and you should change it.

5. Testing a Capacitor By Simple Voltmeter.

  1. Make sure to disconnect a single lead (no worries if Positive (long) or negative (short)) of the capacitor from the circuit (You may fully disconnect as well when needed)
  2. Check the capacitor voltage rating printed on it (As shown in our below example where is the voltage = 16V)
  3. Now charge this capacitor for a few seconds to the rated (not to the exact value but less than that i.e. charge a 16V capacitor with 9V battery) voltage. Make sure to connect the positive (red) lead of the voltage source to the positive lead (long) of the capacitor and negative to negative. If you are unable to find it or not sure, here is the tutorial on how to find the negative and positive terminal of a capacitor.
  4. Set the value of the voltmeter to the DC and connect the Capacitor to the voltmeter by connecting the positive wire of the battery to the positive lead of the capacitor and negative to the negative.
  5. Note the initial voltage reading in the voltmeter. If it is close to the supplied voltage you gave to the capacitor, the Capacitor is in Good condition. If it shows far little reading, Capacitor is dead then. note that the voltmeter will show the reading for a very short term as the capacitor will discharge its volt in the voltmeter and it is normal.

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6. Find the capacitor value by measuring the value of the Time Constant

We can find the value of a capacitor by measuring the Time constant (TC or τ = Tau) if the value of capacitance of a capacitor is known in microfarad (symbolized µF) printed on it i.e. the capacitor is not blown and burnt at all.

In brief, the time taken by a capacitor to charge about 63.2% of the applied voltage when charged through a known value of the resistor are called Time Constant of Capacitor (TC or τ = Tau) and can be calculated via:


R = Known Resistor

C = Value of Capacitance

τ = TC or τ = Tau (Time Constant)

For instance, if the supply voltage is 9V, then 63.2% of this is around 5.7V.

Now, let’s see how to find the value of a capacitor by measuring the Time Constant.

Make sure to disconnect as well as discharge the capacitor from the board.

Connect a known value of resistance (e.g 5-10kΩ Resistor) in series with the capacitor.

Apply the known value of supply voltage. (e.g 12V or 9V) to the capacitor connected in series with a 10kΩ resistor.

Now, measure the time taken for the capacitor to charge about 63.2% of the applied voltage. For instance, if the supply voltage is 9V, then 63.2% of this is around 5.7V.


From the value of the given resistor and measured time, calculate the value of capacitance by Time Content formula i.e. τ = TC or τ = Tau (Time Constant).

Now compare the calculated value of capacitance with the value of capacitor printed to it.

If they are the same or nearly equal, The capacitor is in good condition. If you find a noticeable difference in both values, time to change the capacitor as it is not function well.

The discharge time can also be calculated. In this case, the time taken by the capacitor to discharge to 36.8% of the peak voltage can be measured.

Good to know: The time taken by a capacitor to discharge about 36.8% of the peak value of the applied voltage can be also measured. The discharge time can be used as the same in the formula to find the value of the capacitor.


how much is an electric longboard

How much is an electric longboard – price is important thing to consider before buying

The electric longboard might be a terrific method to get around a college campus or commute faster in the city. Electric longboards can be stowed in awkward spots around the house, beneath your desk at work, or on public transportation.

Meepo and Exway, two of the industry’s leading product developers, have created high-performance electric longboards to give you with a high-quality and entertaining skating experience. Several bestselling e-boards are available from these brands, which are ideal for commuters searching for a quick and cost-effective way to get to and from work. If you like more off-road electric boarding, AEBoard and Evolve both have longboards that would be perfect for you! These boards are ideal for anyone looking for an adventure off the usual path, with top speeds of 25 mph and all-terrain tires.

How much is an Electric Longboard?

Electric longboards come in a wide variety of styles. You can acquire some of the cheapest ones for $300 up to the most expensive ones for $5000 and more.

Popular electric longboards, on the other hand, should cost between 700 and 1200 dollars and should have a solid brand name, average to top performance, and last at least three years.

Given the costs of electric longboard parts, this price range appears reasonable. It will have a battery and motor that will cost the maker around half as much as the original. To support the speed and balance, add more high-quality accessories.

Anything less than this, or anything more expensive than the $1200 limit for an electric longboard, is a waste of money.

All of the models listed above were carefully chosen to fit inside this price range.

If you want to see the best electric longboard under 300, click here

What are Electric Longboards called?

Electric longboards go under a variety of names. We’ve collected a list of names that are particularly popular among skateboarders and longboarders.

esk8 E Skate E Longboard / Skateboard Electric Boards esk8 E Skate E Longboard / Skateboard Electric Boards

Decks with electric motors

Longboard with an electric motor

Skateboard with an electric motor

Longboard powered by electricity (with a space)

Remote-controlled electric longboard

Longboard RC

Skateboards with Electric Longboards

Longboard with LEDs (without E)

Some of them are even more difficult to type on the lips and fingers. Simply describe how you’ll interpret the alphanumeric esk8 as an electric longboard or skateboard. Skateboarders, on the other hand, have a distinct style and terminology.

Among the several names for electric longboards/skateboards, esk8 and e-skate are the most popular.

Is it Easier to Ride a Longboard?

Longboards are generally preferred by beginners over skateboards because they are more comfortable. Longboards have broader and wider decks, providing riders plenty of room to adjust their balance at first.

It’s much easier to learn pumping on a longboard than it is on a smaller skateboard. Longboards have a lower likelihood of injuring you.

If you’re new to this adrenaline sport – or to electric skateboards – start with an electric longboard rather than an e skateboard.

After you’ve gotten a feel for the motor and the machine, you may start looking for a good skateboard brand.

If this is your first purchase, the Teamgee H5 is one of the best electric longboards under 500 dollars.

If your goal is to eventually decide on an electric skateboard, this is the correct amount of investment to make at first.

Are Electric Longboards Safe?

Whether you buy the best longboard or not, your safety is determined by how well you care for yourself. The only thing that cannot be sacrificed for the excitement of high speed is safety.

Longboards are primarily used for cruising the streets or commuting, both of which are rather safe activities. It’s also utilized for downhill cruising, which necessitates a lot of safety precautions on the part of the rider.

Overall, all decent electric longboards include numerous safety features such as regenerative braking and various speed settings, ensuring that riders enjoy the pleasure they desire while remaining safe.

Longboarding, no matter how safe it is, must always be done with all the essential safety equipment.

Bottom line

At the end of the day, all of these longboards are among the best E-longboards on the market. They all guarantee speed, durability, stability, and, most importantly, the pleasure of riding without exerting any effort.

The Teamgee H5 or the SkateBolt Breeze 2 — the 6th and 1st ranked electric longboards on our list – are our recommendations.

One is cost-effective, while the other, while more expensive, is a one-time purchase.

Apart from these two, all of the other eight are excellent electric skateboards. They are well-known longboard brands with a large consumer base.

So, pick your favorite board and get ready to cruise for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

besides the electric longboard, electric skateboards are also helpful to your choice

How To Play Table Tennis

Table tennis, otherwise called Ping-Pong to a lesser extent, squash ball game played on a rectangular table with a net between its two widths at the center and so between its two ends.

The object is simply to hit the ball across the net on your opponents half of the table so that it lands on the opponent’s opposite half, bounces back to you on the other half and then lands on your opponent’s half again.

There are variations of this game and each of them have their own merits.

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History of Ping Pong

In early times Ping-Pong was played only in the schools in America. It was not until the late 1950s when it became very popular in the US.

Table Tennis Simple Rules

Table tennis is very simple to learn, but its rules can be very complicated, so the first thing that must be done is that you need to master your stroke.

Then you must master your court, which is the one where you hit your ball.

These are some basic rules of this game.

You will know more about it if you get some practice playing.

You may also do some research online and find some books on table tennis.


Top best ping pong machines to help you practice alone

Table Tennis Can Help Bring Families Together

Table tennis brings families together

If you are playing table tennis with your family, keep in mind that children play the game differently.

Children tend to play faster than the adults and are more interested in making the game interesting.

They tend to keep the game fun for both players and for everyone in the family.

So, you should always be happy with your family and try to keep them all entertained.

Do not let any member of your family to stop playing, but encourage everyone else to join in the fun.

Table tennis at home – Beat your family

Useful Information for Beginners

You can even get some tips and help from those who have been playing table tennis for a long time and are quite experienced.

Online resources are very helpful and you can find many websites on this subject matter.

You can find these on the internet also and there you can find various forums where you can get answers to your questions and learn more about the game.

It is very important that you try to play on a professional level to make sure that you know the game well before trying to improve it yourself.

There are many different types of tables used for table tennis. There are indoor and outdoor tables, which come in different shapes and sizes. There are also different sized bases as well. The size of the base also determines how many balls can be put in the base at one time.

In addition to the table, you will need other essential equipment such as two rackets, best table tennis shoes and ping pong balls to be able to start playing

Last words

Table tennis has become very popular all over the world and the popularity is on the rise every year.

People of all ages from all over the world have started playing this game and have discovered a lot of fun and entertainment as well.

Detailed instructions on how to install LED downlights in the ceiling

Detailed instructions on how to install LED downlights in the ceiling

Ceiling led downlight is the leading product in creating a light environment without UV rays, without blue light, so it is very safe for health and eyesight for users. Therefore, at present, LED downlights are being used more and more by consumers. The future will be the trend of choosing mainstream lighting products in the home of consumers.

According to the design of the lamp’s power source, the warm ceiling downlights are divided into two types: instant source downlights and separate source downlights. These 2 types of lights have different installation methods. will guide you in detail on the installation of each type of light.

General notes to know before proceeding with the installation of these 2 types of lights.

1 – The installation requires the operator to have experience and expertise in the product to avoid possible unfortunate accidents.

2 – Due to the variety of ceiling materials (wooden ceilings, plaster ceilings, concrete ceilings (with concrete ceilings, plaster or wood must be installed before installing recessed lights) …) so please consider the ceiling material carefully. to prepare suitable mounting tools when drilling is required.

3-Check the lamp operating voltage at the installation site to see if it is the same as the voltage source indicated on the lightbox, to ensure that the lamp will be supplied with the appropriate operating voltage. Because the voltage deviation is too much, it will cause permanent damage to the device (Do not install ceiling lights with a capacity greater than the allowed level).

4 – Use an electric tester to check if the power has been completely disconnected?

5 – When installing, avoid locations with strong heat-emitting devices to avoid affecting the life of the lamp.

6 – Consider the position of the interior lights relative to other devices such as ceiling fans or decorative chandeliers… to ensure a safe distance between them.

7 – Finally, read this guide carefully before proceeding

General notes to know before proceeding with the installation of these 2 types of lights.
General notes to know before proceeding with the installation of these 2 types of lights.

Prepare installation tools

Drill, tape measure, screws, insulating tape, electrical tester, wire cutters Asynchronous set of LED ceiling lights includes lights, wires, drivers, spring-loaded ears. Turn off the power to the lamp installation area at the main fuse/fuse box (or circuit breaker box) to ensure safety during installation.

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Follow these steps to install the lights:

1. How to install with LED recessed ceiling lights

This is a type of ceiling downlight that is manufactured with an integrated source inside the light, so there is no need to connect the power connector to the lamp. Just connect the light to the power source.

B1 – Drill holes in the ceiling according to the dimensions indicated on the lights in the identified positions. This step needs to be careful in surveying the size of the hole so that it can fit properly, not be too small to be re-drilled, and not too wide to make it unsightly.

How to install with LED recessed ceiling lights
How to install with LED recessed ceiling lights

B2 – Follow the drilled power lines, so that you can connect the lights and the power source easily.

B3 – Install the light: Put the lamp and the lamp holder first. Connect the lamp wire to the power source, then put the lamp on. When bringing the light up, let the ear spring to 90 degrees, push the light into the drilled hole. Turn on the switch to check the brightness and angle of the lamp.

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2. How to install recessed led recessed lights

B1: Drill a mounting hole according to the size indicated on the lamp. Like the light source, the hole must be drilled very carefully to avoid the hole being smaller than the lamp sink that has to be re-drilled, or larger, making the ceiling unsightly.

How to install recessed led recessed lights
How to install recessed led recessed lights

B2: Follow the power line according to the location of the hole in the light

B3: Put the power unit first, connect the power part to the power line

B4: Plug the light source into the removable source, then push the light to the top of the hole. When bringing the light up, let the ear spring to 90 degrees, push the light into the drilled hole. Turn on the switch to check the brightness and angle of the lamp

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Some notes when installing recessed downlights

Before installing the lamp, it is necessary to check the lamp to see if the lamp is damaged during transportation to avoid installing the lamp without lighting, and must be removed to check. Check that the lamp is electrically safe, there is no electrical leakage to the lamp housing.

Since the lamp is mounted on high, it is very dangerous if there is an electric leakage when installing it. When installing the light, it is necessary to check the power source and the wire carefully to avoid the case that the lamp is installed but does not light up, you have to remove the lamp to check the power line again, it will be very laborious.

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Soaking in a hot tub is a great way to relax and enjoy your private oasis. Even you are a hot tub owner for years, there are still things you could go wrong with.

To avoid wasting money on hot tub repairs, here are a few things you should take into consideration.

Run the hot tub without the filter

hot tub

For sure, without a filter, you cannot operate your hot tub for too long. A hot tub running with no filter will end up with clogged pump impellers, plus a decline in hot tub water quality.

Your hot tub filter also needs regular maintenance for longer usage. To clean it, you can use commercial products like hot tub filter cleaners or homemade products like vinegar. Be aware that detergent and dishwasher are not suitable.

That said, you should have an extra filter to have an in-time replacement with the old one when it is out of use.

Use pool chemicals to test the hot tub water

Testing your hot tub regularly is highly recommended. If you can, do the water test weekly. This will help to prevent chemicals from overdosing and avoid bacteria buildup, keeping the hot tub safe to use.

If you think pool chemicals are just fine for hot tubs, you are wrong. Hot tub chemicals are different to pool chemicals and are made to work efficiently with hot water surfaces.

Always follow the instructions for accurate dosage, do not overdose.

Turn off the hot tub after every usage

If you think this way will help you save energy, sadly you are wrong. Turning off your hot tub after every usage is just an “effective way” to double your electric bills.

To avoid costly electric bills, it is advised to maintain your hot tub at a consistent temperature and keep it on most of the time.  It is because it needs more energy to reheat a hot tub than to maintain a consistent temperature.

Overfill your hot tub

hot tub

Overfilling a hot tub might cause some damage to its components, but not all hot tub models will experience this. That said, it is better to be safe than sorry. Whenever filling your hot tub, pay close attention to it. You can also use a timer to prevent the risk of overfilling from happening.

In contrast, underfilling is actually a risk to any hot tub. If a hot tub is under-filled, the pump will be overwork and the air will be sucked into it.

Final words

Above are 4 common mistakes that new hot tub owners often have. As long as you have enough understanding about using, caring, and maintaining your hot tub, it will last for years.

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9 Things to Consider Before Using a Hot Tub

Baseball glove for 3 to 12 years old

Baseball is a well-known sport, invented in 1839 in Cooperstown, New York, USA. It is one of the most popular kinds of sport in the USA, a wealthy investment for big houses, a gold mine for TV stations with billions of dollars for broadcasting copyright in the USA, and an indispensable ingredient for an American super Sunday night. Due to its popularity, more and more youngsters have their desire to have an opportunity to take part and become stand out in this ball game. Here is a guide for beginners to prepare the best gear of baseball equipment for beginners. In this post, we first want to introduce you to some optimal options for a baseball glove, which is specifically designed for children from 3 to 12 years old.

Many newbies tend to pay their enthusiasm on how to strengthen their throwing skill, or how to recreate the ‘Babe-Ruth’ legendary swing, most of them often forget that a good baseball glove to put on contributes enormously for a player’s performance. In fact, baseball glove could reduce significantly the risk of hand injuries, avoid interruption from the training process. Baseball glove for the beginner is usually in the low-price tier but it has to meet the user’s demand for training purposes and durable enough for 3-4 years run before the player could go professional in this ball game.

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1. Rawlings Players Series Youth T-ball/Baseball Gloves (Ages 3 to 9)

Rawlings Players Series Youth

This is our 1st option for kids who want to discover the free world of baseball. Rawlings glove contains a Velcro strap for a custom fit, the texture is designed perfectly, not only maintains the usage duration but also creates an easy-to-close feel for children. The equipment of specialized wrist opener on this glove, which is great for children that have not fully developed their hand size and their strength. Another feature is that Rawlings has a basket web pattern and softshell, which is ideal for players to scoop up some grounders and increase feeling when catching a high-fly.

2. Rawlings Prodigy Youth Baseball Glove Series

Rawlings Prodigy Youth Baseball Glove

If your child is a little older, you probably want to buy him or her a bigger glove to start out with. This glove is manufactured uniquely for consumers, which use the ‘90% factory, 10% player break-in’ protocol to make this side-kick ready to be used as soon as it arrived in its owner. Rawlings has skillfully added some modern technique, allow players to quickly and easily close the gloves on their first time putting it on. The leather is tanned perfectly to create soft, comfy protection, and shock reduction for players, which make Rawlings Prodigy Youth Baseball Glove Series an ideal item for young baseball newbies.


Good toys for babies under 2 years old

A child starts to observe and learn about the world around him as soon as he is born. So, it is never too early to start looking for healthy and appropriate toys for your children to aid in the growth of their inquisitive minds. This article is going to help you choose the right toys for babies under 1 year old.

First of all, you need to remember that a good toy should be not only safe for your babies but also suitable for each stage of your child’s development. And each child will have his or her own pace of development. So, the same toy can be both suitable for a child of this age, also suitable for another child at a younger or older age.

Toys for infants under 6 months old

Toys for infants

At this age, babies mostly like to observe people and follow them with their eyes. Babies are also excited with what their arms and legs can do, they can reach things, lift and rotate their heads toward sounds, put objects in their mouths, and so on.

So, the first toy should be pictures of colorful faces that they can see or female mirrors that cannot be broken.

Next are toys that help them explore sounds. Examples are books with poems or nursery rhymes, and recordings of lullabies or simple songs.

Finally, objects that they can reach, suck, shake are also suitable toys for babies at this age range. Some of the typical toys of this type include squeeze toys, rattles, large rings, soft dolls, textured balls, and board and vinyl books.

Toys for children aged from 7 to 12 months

Toys for baby

Older infants love to explore simple body movements such as rolling back and forth, sitting, bouncing, creeping, scooting, pulling themselves up, and standing.

They can recognize their names and other familiar words as well as other cognitive activities like finding hidden items or inserting and removing things from containers.

Toys suitable for children of this age:

  • Things that help them use their big and small muscles such as soft things such as pillows, stuffed animals; large balls, tunnels, taller climbers, tricycles, etc.
  • Construction toys such as wooden cubes or large soft blocks.
  • Things to drop and pick up such as plastic cups and bowls, balls, and large beads.
  • Toys for pretend play: dolls and teddies, puppets, toy vehicles.

Toys for children from 1 to 2 years old

toys for babies under 2 years old

At this age, children can walk and might climb stairs. They love listening to stories, begin to say their very first words, and enjoy playing with their friends. Also, they like to discover something new, which you need to keep your eyes on.

Good toys for them can be:

  • Books with simple pictures and illustrations of real things.
  • Toys with rhymes, songs, pictures, and stories.
  • Things to use the muscles such as puzzles, switches, knobs, balls.
  • Things for creativity such as crayons and papers.
  • Things to build: wood blocks, cardboard. The woodblocks’ size now can be smaller than those of under-one-year children 2 to 4 inches.

Safety standard for young children toys

Safe toys should be made of baby-friendly material, coated with non-toxic paint, and easy to clean. They also must not have sharp parts or small pieces.

For electric toys, choose one that has got approval from Underwriters Laboratories. In addition, you should also make sure that there are no breakable pieces or small parts that can put your babies at the potential of choking and suffocation.

You should also keep in mind that it is also very dangerous to let your child use old toys. These toys might be inexpensive or have sentimental value, but they do not meet safety standards.

So, you should not let your babies play with worn toys and have to check toys regularly to make sure they are always in good condition.

In conclusion,

Having the right toys to play with at an early age will help your children develop more comprehensively. These toys may be free items that you can easily find at home such as plastic bowls, cardboard boxes, and more.

Apart from choosing appropriate toys for each stage of development, you also have to ensure the safety of toys because infants are very vulnerable.

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Baby Boy’s Fisher-Price Doggy Swings

Have you ever wondered how the future world would look like? I mean everyone has had that question at least once in their life. It’s just a pure nature of human curiosity. 

I grew up listening to a story of a godly dog, the protector of children, passing down from my grandma to my ma. Now it’s my turn to pass it on to my child. I want to see his expression when he hears about spiritual things. I really hope that we have the same appetite.

I have begun to tell him the story ever as soon as he is strong enough to sit and play alone in his baby swing. The story begins with a doggo spirit that always protects him every time he is a good boy and doesn’t throw food on the floor. Well, it’s just a special design of his baby swing, featured a really cute German Sheperd on the tray, but it’s pretty convincing. The little boy believed in the story so badly.

One time, when he was 3, daddy accidentally stepped back into the swing and caused the whole thing to tumble down like a domino fall. My heart stopped while trying to reach my boy. Yet, he didn’t cry, he didn’t hurt, he even told me that the doggo helped him to hang on the tall side handle while falling. I don’t know if I should thank the imagination dog or Fisher  for their safety design (Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing). 

Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing 2

When he hit 5, we asked him if he wanted a new swing because he’s been on the same swing for 5 years. Nothing was wrong with it, we just wanted to know if our boy had grown tired of it yet. Surprisingly, he refused.

The smart boy knew that soon he would grow too big to fix in the seat. However, he loved the doggo so much, he wanna pass its protection on to someone else. We had a good laugh. 

Well, now I want to see how long can this doggo thing last. I can’t remember the moment I found out that this animal was not real. The truth just came in gently at a certain time of age. Still, I’m happy that my boy is going through all the good things in his world side by side with the dog.

Let him enjoy it a little longer, then we’ll get him a real fluffy friend. Those two would bring me so much trouble. I foresee it with a smile. 


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What is the best crib for a newborn?

Hi Mom and Dad! Are you in search of a crib for your upcoming baby? Are you getting lost as there are thousands of cribs advertised with nearly the same features on the market? You do not know which of them is the best baby crib brand to choose from?

Don’t worry, all you want to know about choosing a crib, from a to z, will be covered in this article.

Types of crib

Basically, there are 3 common types of cribs. Each type has its own pros and cons, so choose the one that suits the most to your specific needs.

Standard crib

best crib for a newborn

As said in its name, a standard crib is a traditional one that provides sturdiness, safety, and comfort to your baby. For easy lifting up the baby, some standard crib models are designed with a hinged side.

A standard crib should not have drop sides which are not safe for babies and banned by CPSC.

If you intend to have more children in the next few years, a standard crib seems to be a wise choice.

Convertible cribs

If a convertible crib is made of built-to-last material, it can be a one-time investment for your child’s bed. It is because a convertible crib can convert from a crib into a toddler bed, a daybed, and maybe a full-sized bed.

Such a bang for the buck, right?

If you don’t plan to have any more children or you want this piece of furniture to be your child’s bed in years to come, choosing this second crib type will be a good choice.

Portable cribs (or Mini cribs)

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This last type is a space-saving option. Yes, this crib is suitable for those who live in a small space or have to travel a lot.

However, because of the mini size, this crib will soon be too small for your fast-growing baby. So, if you intend to let your baby co-bedding when he/she grows up, this option is fine.

Standard of a safe crib

Every parent should know these safety standards before buying a crib. I know there are much more safety criteria, but keep these as the basics, in other words, the “must-have” ones.

  • Maximum 2 ⅜ inches for the apart of the crib bars.
  • Mattress: Firm, no sag under your newborn’s weight.
  • Mattress must fit snuggly.
  • No space between the crib walls and the mattress.
  • Solid headboards and footboards, no decorative cutouts.
  • No drop rails.
  • No crib pumpers.
  • No large toys or stuffed animals in the crib (these things can cause strangulation for your baby).
  • No pillows, no heavy blankets.
  • Cribs should be placed far away from the windows to prevent direct sunlight and strong wind.
  • Don’t place the crib near a radiator.

Final words

Above is all you should know before buying a crib. Buying a safe crib is important as your child will spend most of the time sleeping on it. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment box. We’ll try to assist you as soon as possible.

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